The PTA Life Membership Award is one of the highest honors that can be presented to an individual for outstanding service to children and youth by the Texas PTA. Life Membership can be awarded to individuals by multiple schools: having won at an elementary school does NOT disqualify a person from winning an additional award at SBMS.

All SBMS parents and staff are eligible to nominate individuals to win the 2019 SBMS PTA Life Membership Awards. Both SBMS parents and SBMS staff may be nominated to receive the awards.

Nominations may be emailed to Meg Bissinger at megbissinger@gmail.com. Please briefly state a few words regarding why you believe the person is deserving of the SBMS Life Membership Award, including any PTA positions held or committees served or events worked on.

Nominations will close on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. 

After all nominations are received, the current PTA Life Members in the SBMS community will vote on the nominees. The 2019 SBMS PTA Life Membership Awards will be presented at the SBMS PTA Luncheon Meeting on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Please email Meg Bissinger at megbissinger@gmail.com with any questions.